KATY, Texas -- A Tae Kwon Do instructor serves as an inspiration to 70 young athletes in Katy.

Joseph Santarose, 28, lost ninety-percent of his hearing at age two after suffering from spinal meningitis.

He did not let that stop him.

People have told me that I wouldn t be able to talk or function like the rest of society, Santarose said. I wanted to prove them wrong.

His diction is not perfect and he can't always hear his students, but Santarose s students are thankful for him.

He recognizes the potential in everyone, said one of his students.

Santarose is headed to compete in the Olympics in Bulgaria. He will compete in the featherweight division of Tae Kwan Do on the US team.

I'm going to give it my all and bring home that gold medal, Santarose said.

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