HOUSTON Houston police say they ve been tracking a rash of purse snatchings in parking lots of retail stores across the city.

KHOU 11 News met another victim Tuesday who said in a split second her purse was gone.

I was doing personal errands and I should have been working, said Dale McMinn.

McMinn said during the lunch hour at a retail store on busy Westheimer at Fountanview she stopped to pick up some sodas that were on sale.

I was walking out of the store, walking like this and my purse was right here, said McMinn.

That s when two men inside a small white compact car suddenly pulled up and swiped her purse.

The store s security officer was in the parking lot, but there was little he could do. It happened so fast.

McMinn said the car came within inches of her shopping cart and that s when the passenger stuck his head and arm out the window and grabbed the purse.

KHOU 11 News was there when HPD arrived and learned the criminal act was caught by surveillance cameras.

The video is grainy, but it appears the driver, and passenger, inside the small car were casing the parking lot and found McMinn with her purse in the cart.

She was as an easy target.

Terrible because I have to miss work to go home and get all my credit card numbers, said McMinn.

She said the police officer told her there had been other purse snatchings around the area.

He said there are some things going on in the area so this may not take too long to resolve, said McMinn.

In the meantime, McMinn says she has a lesson to share.

Don t put your purse in the kiddie carrier. Put it in there where they can t reach it or carry it on you, she said.

This crime is very similar to those happening at gas stations where women filling up their vehicles are having their purses snatched.

If you have any information on the latest purse snatchings please call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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