Houston -- In her front yard, a grandmother of three told us her frightening story.

She said that just down from her house at the corner of Shannon Hills and Dairy Ashford she was attacked and robbed while waiting for the bus.

The woman, who doesn't want to be identified because she is scared, said two young men jumped out of a small red car and demanded her purse and money.

Her grandson Carlos said she didn't want to give it up so she fought back.

When he put his hand in his pocket she got frightened, so she kind of loosened up a bit, but then she gave it one last pull and he pulled even harder, and she was about to fall so she let go, Carlos said.

And the 74-year-old woman said no one stopped to help her. The bus stop is on a busy street.

The grandmother told us the last thing the suspects did was rip her necklace off her neck. It was a gold necklace she purchased 10 years ago and it cost her more than $500.

She liked it. She said as soon as she saw it she wanted it and saved. She worked hard for it, Carlos said.

She told us she never ever took it off, even at night while she slept. Her eyes started to tear up as she told us about her necklace.

She said the suspects were driving a small red car. They were last seen speeding down her street.

At first I got pissed off, Carlos said. I was about to charge out.

This was supposed to be a good day she said. She had planned to take the bus to go shopping and pay some bills.

It's not fair that somebody that doesn't work, something they can just go out and buy themselves, comes over and just snatches it from someone, the grandmother said.

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