HUMBLE, TX Police interrupted a group of crooks using a stolen pick-up to crash into a Citgo gas station Thursday. The driver then backed out, ran over two fences, sped through an apartment complex and slammed into a funeral home.

We heard they were trying to take an ATM machine, said Molly Maness of the Cremation One funeral home. It s crazy that people go through this length to steal something.

Police caught the driver, Vincent Shiloh, after he ran from the damaged pick-up. At least two other suspects got away.

Police say Shiloh was desperate to run from the law. He drove right through a fence, past several apartments and a home before crashing into the funeral home.

There was this really loud crash, and we thought it was a raccoon in the backyard, said neighbor Kaila Gattis. But this was no raccoon, the speeding truck zoomed right near her toddler s bedroom.

I think we are incredibly lucky that nobody was hurt, i think we are incredibly blessed, said Maness.

Police say Shiloh is a repeat criminal. They say he was convicted in 2009 of smashing into cell phone stores to steal smart phones.

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