HOUSTON Police may have broken up an organized crime ring Sunday when they foiled an attempted robbery at a west Houston game room.

Officers with the Houston Police Department were tipped off to the robbery, which was supposed to take place at the Joy Center, located in the 4100 block of state Highway 6 near Bear Creek. Police had been following the suspects.

They started going door to door looking for people, asking if there was anyone in the back. They wanted to look around, Cassie Morris, a witness, said.

A KHOU 11 viewer shared video of officers walking around with guns drawn in the busy shopping strip.

Every time I put on this uniform I get scared, don t know what will happen to me. It comes with the territory, Joel Guerra, a security guard at the Joy Center, said. SWAT was all in here. (They) take me out and talk to me. I don t know what was going on.

Officers moved in on the suspects before they could act. Police arrested at least three people and confiscated the getaway cars.

Guerra said officers were in the game room looking for other possible suspects.

Bunch of SWAT guys everywhere. They had their guns drawn, K-9 (unit), I saw the helicopter in the air. It was pretty serious, Guerra said.

Witnesses said police were also looking for a female suspect in the area in connection with the robbery.

They said she might be armed and might have a gun. She looks like she might have been my height, Hispanic girl with large lips, Morris said.

While officers were looking for the other suspects, people in the shopping strip are making sure they are prepared for anything that comes their way.

I take it very seriously. I m going to try and get you before you get me. That s the bottom line, Guerra said.

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