HOUSTON A nanny and two small children hid Thursday afternoon as home invaders broke into a residence in the Heights.

Surveillance cameras captured the men rifling through the home on Darling Street.

The nanny and the 5-month-old baby girl and 3-year-old boy ducked into a closet.

The mother, who doesn t want to be identified, was on her way home from work when the nanny called.

(She said) there are two guys outside, they just rang the doorbell, she said. All of a sudden, she heard this loud bang. She starts telling me someone is in the house. Somebody broke the glass. I m like, What? Are you sure? What are you talking about? Everything happened so quickly.

While the mother was rushing back she quickly punched up the surveillance camera app on her iPhone.

I was able to see the two guys on the second floor. My heart just started racing. I was super nervous, she said.

The entire time the nanny and children hid in the closet.

She s smart, she ran up the stairs. She had her 3-year-old son, my 4-and-a-half-month-old baby, she said. My biggest fear is that something was going to happen to my baby.

The men ransacked the house and stole a Playstation and the family s safe, which had $8,000 in it.

We mainly had a lot of documents in it, we had some jewelry, my wedding ring band, she said.

The wedding ring band was 3.5 carat Asscher cut diamond.

They re very special diamonds, she said.

But the safety of her daughter is what matters most.

I felt helpless because I couldn t do anything, she said. I can t explain the feeling. It s my first daughter, my first baby.

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