HOUSTON -- The Museum of Fine Arts Houston is now hosting one of its biggest and brightest exhibitions.

It's a coast to coast collaboration celebrating the works of American artist James Turrell.

He s the man who made light his medium. It is kind of this magical elixir for me, said Turrell while attending the opening for the Houston exhibition. It s this material I use to affect the medium of perception.

Visitors to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston are familiar with Turrell s permanent installation, the terrific underground light filled tunnel called The Light Inside.

The museum welcomes him back as part of a coast to coast exhibit that celebrates the artist's life work.

Titled after the tunnel, the light inside exhibition, begs people to look into the light. Turrell explained, It's like entering the painting. I do want you to walk up to it and into it and then you're kind of drawn down into it.

Seven works play with your perception. How light is felt by the body is very important and in the large piece here you do feel it, illustrates Turrell. You're immersed in it. So, it's very strong, both physical and emotional impact.

Art was meant to move people after all. The artist admits he sets the exhibitions in motion, leaves, and is sure to hear about them. He shared while chuckling, I hope no one falls and I think you should stand up for contemporary art.

You can experience The Light Inside now through September 22nd at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

You can see James Turrell's other light installations at the Los Angeles County Museum and New York's Guggenheim.

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