HOUSTON The parents of a toddler who was injured in the care of a day care say they re upset because the story about how their daughter was hurt just isn t adding up.

Twenty-three-month-old Riyah Martin is now healing from a broken femur. Doctor s expect it ll take at least five weeks for her to recover.

Linder Learning Land in northwest Harris County said it was an accident that could ve happened to any child. According to the day care, Riyah slipped on a ball and fell in the gym.

Riyah s parents want to see the proof.

I want to actually see the injury because the stories don t really add up, said Sharese Martin.

The day care said a surveillance system was installed on the property right before Riyah s accident. According to the day care, it was viewed once before it automatically recorded over.

It was viewed by our computer tech and the other owner, and when they went to download it, because the system had not been set up totally, they could not download it, said co-owner Debbie Kashchik.

Kashchik said the day care spent days and crashed four computers trying to download the video without success.

We re glad we did get to view it. We would love to be able to share it, but it s gone. The video s gone, explained Kashchik.

Riyah s parents said that is not what they were initially told. They also believe the explanation they ve been given does not match Riyah s injury.

I was told so many things, now I feel like I can t believe them, Martin said. It was a different story every day about the camera footage.

Linder Learning Land said it has nothing to hide. It has offered for the Martins to come meet with staff and the owner of the surveillance system.

The Martins aren t accepting that offer. Instead, they ve filed a report with the Harris County Sherriff s Office.

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