HOUSTON Soon after burglars smashed the windows with hammers and stole about $100,000 from Rice Village Diamonds, we re learning residents who live near the jeweler have been victims too.

A week ago, Paula Daily said someone broke into her home on MacArthur Street. The thieves stole loaded guns, electronics and beat up her dog Maddie.

They threw cinder blocks and used firewood that was for our fire pit in the backyard to hit our dog, said Daily. They could have just shot her and left, but thank God she s alive.

Joe Ledvina, who lives on Bolsover Street, says his house was hit last week too.

They got in and took all her jewelry, business equipment, computers and they were gone, said Ledvina. So there s nothing left to steal over there anymore that s worth anything.

Both Daily and Ledvina were stunned to hear their favorite jeweler, Rice Village Diamonds, was hit on Wednesday.

Thieves smashed holes through the glass and helped themselves to $100,000 worth of diamonds. Their original getaway car was a red Honda SUV, but it was ditched a few blocks away.

A smash and grab, said Ledvina. Unbelievable.

Daily found out when she stopped by to pick up a ring being resized.

There s police lines all across it because it had been broken into as well, said Daily. I m like, there s no way. What are the odds that this could happen?

There s no indication that these crimes are related, but they have one thing in common. All of them happened in broad daylight between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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