GALVESTON A Galveston County judge facing an effort to remove him from the bench is also fighting criminal charges.

On Wednesday, a Galveston County grand jury indicted judge Christopher Dupuy on two felony counts of obstruction, or retaliation.

He s also facing six misdemeanor indictments for official oppression and abuse of official capacity.

It s alleged that the judge held attorneys in contempt of court and fined them without justification, and that he also misused his county computer.

In addition to the indictments, the Texas Attorney General s Office filed a petition to have him removed from the bench.

The judge posted bond, but would not answer questions as he departed from the Galveston County Jail, but the sheriff spoke to the unprecedented nature of what had taken place.

He s still the sitting judge of county court number three so we ve got to do everything like he s the judge of county court number three, said Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochessett.

It s strange, he added. I ve never seen anything like it.

A hearing has been set for June 7 to remove Dupuy from the bench, but until that time he remains a sitting judge.

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