WEST, Texas -- A 7 p.m. curfew is still in effect in parts of West, TX where streets resemble a battle zone and a still mysterious blast is to blame.

No one can say for sure what caused it, however residents could soon find out.

It s very important to know what went wrong cause something definitely went wrong, resident David Zahirniak said.

For weeks, ATF and the Fire Marshall s Office have been canvassing the fertilizer plant and treating it like a crime scene. On Thursday, during a press conference, they plan to reveal what they discovered.

Some residents are reluctant to learn at whom they could soon point a finger.

It causes drama, resident Melanie Urvis said. I don t like drama.

For so many of them, nothing can replace what has already been lost.

I m just interested in the insurance company, resident Donna Heitmiller said.

Yet there is something federal investigators can hopefully clear up regarding a recent twist.

Bryce Reed, a 31-year old volunteer EMT, has pleaded not guilty to having an unregistered firearm. When he was arrested last week, court documents revealed he had bomb making materials stored at a home in Abbott, TX.

His attorneys insist he had nothing to do with the explosion, while the feds have kept quiet.

I think it s time for a clear statement that if they think he had something to do with it, then say that and show us what you have, Reed s attorney, Jonathan Sibley said.

Reed remains in federal custody and is no longer an EMT. 11 News learned his lost his position shortly after the explosion because he acted as a media liaison when he was told to stop.

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