HOUSTON - A SWAT team used a beanbag gun to take a man armed with knives into custody following a standoff in southwest Houston, the Houston Police Department said.

The SWAT team moved in on the 21-year-old man after he got into a fight with his mom, police said.

It was first reported around 2 a.m. on Synott near Westpark. Police said a man at the location was threatening his mom with the knives. The mom managed to lock the apartment door with her son stuck outside on the balcony.

Police tried to get the man to put down his weapons, but they said he refused.

A negotiator talked with the man for about two hours before police moved in with force. They shocked the man with a stun gun and deployed bean bag rounds, and he finally dropped the knives.

HPD took the man into custody on outstanding warrants out of Harris County.

Police said his mother was never hurt.

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