HOUSTON J.J. Watt spent Sunday night flexing his muscles on Twitter.

The defensive end decided to have a little fun with his 259,000 followers with tweets like this:

@JJWatt: Going to see if I can book Uncle Jesse's band for my birthday party next year. Kimmy Gibbler will not be on the guest list.

The reference to the popular sitcom Full House came out of nowhere but received more than 500 retweets.

Here s another:

@JJWatt: Everyone knows Corey & Topanga lived happily ever after... The real question is how did Eric end up?

This was a reference to the show Boy Meets World. He even re-tweeted one lucky fan who said, maybe Clarissa can explain it all.

JJ s fun on twitter shows just how much his fans love him. All because of his online escapades, Corey and Topanga were trending topics in Houston, and the actress who played Topanga well she responded to a few of the tweets.

And it s not like it was a quiet weekend in Houston.

You ll remember the National Rifle Association was in town and so was Kim Kardashian, and it was Cinco de Mayo. Yet J.J. managed to make the trending list, just by tweeting about TV shows from 20 years ago.

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