HOUSTON A suspect has been arrested in connection with an armed robberyon the University of Houston campus over the weekend.

James Manns, 18, was picked up by Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force Tuesday morning. He is charged with two counts of aggravated robbery.

Police say Manns and three other suspects broke into an apartment at the Cambridge Oaks Student Village on Cullen and Wheeler on Saturday, April 13. They were looking for drugs.

Investigators say Manns bought drugs from apartment resident Samy Gharbaoui earlier in the day and he came backwanting more.

Gharbaoui wasn t home when Manns broke in, but the four suspects stole his roommates wallets, according to police.

Gharbaoui was arrested Tuesday morning for possession of drugs. Investigators say they found a safe containing marijuana and an unidentified controlled substance in his apartment.

Police are still looking for Manns accomplices.

The teen s upper body is covered in tattoos, including one across his chest that reads Only God Can Judge Me.

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