BAYTOWN -- Few things compare to the unwavering trust of a dog, and the same could be said of a human who violates that trust.

A Baytown resident who captured on camera his neighbor abusing a pit bull puppy says it has been occurring twice a day.

The man accused in the case is Marcus Bush, 22.

For his age and what he was doing, he was beat way beyond what would be considered necessary, said the veterinarian handling the case.

He didn t want to be identified for the 5-month-old dog s protection.

In the video, Bush repeatedly kicked the dog in the face and dangled it from its leash and hind leg. The dog screams the whole time before falling motionless, all because he had apparently had an accident in the apartment.

This dog was repeatedly struck, and it fit within the definition of felony torture, which is any act that causes unjustified pain and suffering. So it s a very, very serious case, said Assistant Harris County D.A. Belinda Smith.

Bush is a coach who works with young children at a Baytown gymnastics school.

If convicted, Bush faces anywhere from six months to two years in jail and up to a $10,000 fine.

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