HOUSTON -- Police are investigating a violent robbery near downtown Houston.

Officials say two men charged into the business in the 4800 block of Main Street Monday afternoon.

Lee Washington told police he was inside waiting on the cable guy to stop by when the two men walked in with guns.

They came in kinda slow...lethargic, said Washington. They told me you know what it is.

Washington knew it was a robbery. He got on the floor and the armed men took his wallet and keys.

The men then handcuffed him and locked him inside the business where he couldn't get out.

A friend saw him inside and called police.

As for the business, Washington says it s a place for seniors to play gin.

Washington says he doesn't own the business, but was just there helping out the owner and waiting for the cable to be installed.

When the suspects left, they locked the business up so the owner could not get out. They took off with his green Ford F-150 pickup truck.

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