GALVESTON, Texas -- The Galveston County District Attorney s Office has stopped investigating complaints against a county court at law judge, choosing instead to forward those complaints to the state attorney general s office.

On Monday, Criminal District Attorney Jack Roady said his office a couple of weeks ago forwarded all complaints against Christopher Dupuy and would send any new complaints to the attorney general s office as well.

Roady declined to comment on the number or nature of the complaints against Dupuy, who was elected judge of County Court at Law No. 3 in a 2010 Republican landslide.

Dupuy called the complaints politically based and baseless.

Dupuy has garnered attention for actions both before and after he took office. He was under a six-month probated suspension from the state bar when he ran for election. The bar found he committed professional misconduct.

Dupuy is also named in a $500,000 fraud and malpractice lawsuit that accused him of engaging in conduct that resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars of damages against his own clients. A judge sanctioned Dupuy $7,500 in relation to that lawsuit, saying he filed motions solely for the purpose of delay and without evidence.

Dupuy has twice filed for bankruptcy, once in 2004, and again shortly after the sanction, but his last bankruptcy was dismissed in December on his request. Dupuy listed $299,772 as the amount owed to creditors, including attorney fees, credit card companies, four civil suits, two foreclosures, two repossessions and two student loans.

Earlier this month, Dupuy held an attorney in contempt in connection with motions she filed seeking to recuse the judge from her family law cases. The judge ultimately recused himself from one case but held her in contempt and wants an administrative judge to sentence her to 110 days in jail.

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