PASADENA -- Police have a purse snatcher they're looking for in Pasadena.

When you go grocery shopping where do you put your purse?

I usually put under here, said Rosio Arreola as she pointed to the grocery cart s child seat.

At the grocery store, I do put it in the basket because I m getting milk or whatever, said Irene Guerra another woman who shops at Kroger.

Pasadena police say a man has been creeping around and pickpocketing women's wallets at the Kroger store in the 3500 block of Spencer Highway.

The surveillance video of the suspect shows him using a credit card to buy $33 worth of gas. Then, he tried to get money out of the ATM, but that didn't work.

Police knew which gas station to go to after the woman saw the fraudulent charge on her credit card statement.

I think it's scary. I have to be more on the lookout, said one mother.

Officials said one woman had her social security card and several other gift cards in her stolen wallet. Now there is a fear her identity will be stolen.

Pasadena police believe the same pickpocekted other women too. The only description police have of the suspect is he's 5'8, has a medium build and is dark-skinned.

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