CONROE -- A high school senior in Conroe is proving the sky s the limit.

Colby Franklin makes multi-tasking sound easy.

I'm president of our National Honor's Society, president of our student body, I am president of our Leo club, I'm president of our student council, I am an AP ambassador, I m chairman of the First Bank s Junior Board of Directors, said Colby Franklin, a Caney Creek High School senior.

The list goes on and on.

As for what inspires him, Colby said, Just being blessed. Like I said, you know, being able to go to a school where I can get an education, where I'm allowed to be president of anything, where I'm allowed to make an impact on people's lives

Colby has already been accepted into a number of colleges and has hopes of being a doctor.

You know all too often we don't look at what's right about teenagers. And Colby represents everything that's right about teenagers, said Trish McClure, principal at Caney Creek H.S.

Not all teens are up for the challenge of maintaining a high GPA and overseeing a number of clubs, but Colby is.

Colby says he sees the opportunity to do more as a blessing that just requires some balance.

You know, I've kind of just focused on where can I spend my time and how can I spend my time usefully, said Colby. Maybe a nap would be best for me, but maybe I need to stay up and organize a few more things before I can relax.

Colby has big plans after high school; he will likely head off to Baylor in the fall as he continues his education to become a pediatric oncologist.

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