SAN ANTONIO -- Experts say its becoming more socially acceptable for older people to be sexually active.

But with more sex comes more risk.

Most people don t want to think about parents or grandparents being sexually active, so it s something that s not talked about too much. That's why the WellMed Charitable Foundation holds seminars every other month to remind seniors about the myths on sex.

Joye McQueen, of the WellMed Charitable Foundation, said, Couples over the age of 60 are still having sex at least one time a week.

Hundreds of seniors gather at the Alice Trevino Senior One Stop Center to have lunch, shoot pool, play poker or workout. It has turned into the social center for seniors on the northwest side.

McQueen said there are seniors that have multiple partners and a lot of times they think they don t need protection because they won t get pregnant.

But according to experts, seniors that may have sexually transmitted diseases may not know it because they think it s just part of aging.

Seminars hosted by WellMed Charitable Foundation reminds seniors that they have to use protection.

The CDC is saying by 2015 the highest rate of those with HIV are going to be those over the age of 60, McQueen said.

With no more kids around and plenty of time on their hands, many seniors will still have special feelings long into their old age.

Mary Baker said, Even though it isn t like when you were in your early years, it s still there. Maybe you have to work harder at it, but it never goes away.

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