HOUSTON -- Two men are accused of using pepper spray on a man and then attempting to steal his rims, police said.

Tristan Wilson said he was filling up his car at a gas station around 10 a.m. when two men walked up, wanting to buy a set of fancy rims that he had in his trunk.

They are original rims from a 1983 Cadillac. They re popular, which is exactly why Wilson had them in his trunk.

I mean I got kids and people been dying over these. So, I been wanting to sell them. My wife don t like them anyway, he said.

So, he agreed to sell them. He said his buyers claimed to have cash from early tax returns. But, they insisted the deal be done out of sight behind a motel along the North Freeway.

Although he was skeptical, Wilson agreed because one of the men wore his a T-shirt from his college.

When they drove to the motel to make the deal, instead of money,Wilson said the men pulled out pepper spray and then attacked.

I never thought it would happen to me. You know, I didn t think it would happen to me. I know now, he said. When he swung he missed. After he missed, I closed my trunk and he sprayed me and I just started screaming, Wilson said.

The men got away, but they did not get the rims.

Right now, I just feel blessed that I didn t get shot, stabbed, nothing like that, just a few scrapes and burns, he said.

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