HOUSTON They may not admit it, but men care about their looks too. That s the logic behind the growing number of men getting cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery.

When I go into a room, I feel fit, and I am fit. And that s how I project myself when I go to meeting or I meet with somebody, says Bo Jardine.

Jardine is a 33-year-old husband and new father who has returned to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Kratschmer s office for Botox and a little more, or maybe a little less with Smart Lipo.

Jardine says his love handles have a handle on him, despite losing weight and kicking up his cardio.

You can work out a lot, but you just reach those points where it won t go away. He said, Maybe when you were younger it was easier to take off, but as you get older and older, you try different things and those same areas won t go away.

Jardine is part of a new trend Dr. Kratschmer calls the Daddy Makeover.

It might just start off with, I don t like when I take my shirt off. I don t like the back hair. I want to get laser hair removal, Dr. Kratschmer said.

However, this is more than manscaping.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says men account for nearly 10 percent of procedures, including everything from the nose, to eyelids, to facelifts and liposuction.

I kind of want to get that six pack ab eventually and be cut for summer time, Jardine said. It s kind of nice to be the good-looking husband with the wife and get to show off to all her friends.

He hopes to look good both now and in the future.

This gives you a chance to reset and go back to where you were, Jardine said.

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