FORT WORTH, Texas On his popular Facebook page, Steve Nevil writes the words he hopes his daughter can one day speak by herself.

The page is dedicated to Lauren Nevil s recovery from traumatic brain injury, and many of the posts are written by Steve in her voice.

It helped me try to understand what she was physically going through as a 12-year-old child, Nevil explained.

The Nevils, from Arlington, moved to Tennessee a year-and-a-half ago. In November, they were driving back to Texas for a Thanksgiving visit.

Their car was hit by a suspected drunk driver in Arkansas. Steve's wife, Katy was killed.

Lauren nearly died, too.

Now, hundreds of thousands of people are keeping up with her difficult rehabilitation and the family's strong Christian faith via social media.

I wanted to allow them to reside in our hospital room where I am every day, and let them see her progress, Nevil said.

Steve's own grief is on hold as he spends all his time with Lauren and shares her progress with recent posts of her singing along to music; and of her brother, Will, offering Lauren a sucker.

I haven't properly grieved, Nevil admitted. And I am concerned that my son he's nine years old he's having to mature a little too fast. Because he has been beyond fabulous. He's given me encouragement.

The staff at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth says Lauren's progress is encouraging, too, and that some patients who have suffered similar trauma never make it this far.

Maybe that s why so many people so many strangers are praying for the Nevils.

I don't understand all of that, but I'm going to accept it... and going to accept that it's not my plan.... that it's a bigger plan.


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