SAN ANTONIO -- An elderly couple was homeless Wednesday morning after a fire ripped through their east-side house.

The couple had little time to get out and were stranded in the cold in just their pajamas.

Fortunately, the couple made it out safely with no injuries, but there was some concern for their well-being since they initially had no coats or shoes. Firefighters gave them blankets and slippers.

The fire started just after 2 a.m. in the 1500 block of Gibbs.

One of the residents saw a glow coming from the back of the house and managed to alert her husband to get to safety.

Firefighters said they got to the house within four minutes, but a majority of the house was completely on fire.

The elderly couple was renting the home but had no insurance. They lost everything and will be staying with relatives.

Firefighters said the fire appeared to be electrical, but arson investigators were called in to check it out.

Damages were estimated at about $35,000.

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