PHOENIX -- The Arizona Lottery said Thursday that one of two winning Powerball tickets was sold at 4 Sons Food Store in Fountain Hills.

The Arizona Lottery advised the winner, who has not come forward yet, to sign his or her ticket immediately. The winner is asked to call the Arizona Lottery at 480-921-4472 when he or she is ready to come forward.

Karen Bach, the director of budget, product and communication for the Arizona Lottery, said she's not surprised the winner has not come forward yet.

I think that it is important for the winner to be thoughtful and make some plans and then come in and celebrate, she said Thursday morning. So I think it usually takes a little time but you never know.

Naturally everybody wants to know who the winner is and what his or her story might be. The decision to go public, however, is up to the individual. While the Arizona Lottery might encourage the ticket holder to take part in media publicity, it's not a requirement of claiming the money.

Should the winner decline media opportunities, the Arizona Lottery will not release his or her name.

It could only be uncovered though a public records request, Bach said.

That means the name of the winner will come out eventually , but that could be all we learn about Arizona's newest millionaire.

Even as we wait for the winner to claim the prize money, the phone has been ringing off the hook at 4 Sons Food Store, which will receive a $25,000 bonus incentive for selling the winning ticket -- a $10 Quick Pick.

The owner of the convenience store hasn't determined which of his cashiers sold that ticket, but he knows it was sold in the last 36 hours.

The last time an Arizona ticket won the Powerball jackpot was September 2010. According to the Arizona Lottery, there have been 11 jackpot winners in Arizona since the state joined the multi-state lottery.

Lottery officials say that ticket and another sold in Dearborn, Mo. won the record $579.9 million Powerball jackpot in Wednesday night's drawing.

Holders of the two winning tickets will share in the largest in Powerball history. The cash option for the prize is roughly $379.8 million before taxes. The math works out to about $192 million per ticket.

The winners have 180 days from the drawing to come forward and claim their prize.

According to the Arizona Lottery, money from lottery games, including Powerball, has returned nearly $2.7 billion to the state since 1981.

People and families all over the state are enjoying greater educational opportunities, enhancing their health and wellness, seeing significant economic and business development, and benefiting from a dedication to the environment, the Arizona Lottery's website reads.

Nearly 40 percent of the money generated goes to education, 30 percent to health and welfare, 20 percent to economic development and the remaining money to environmental endeavors.

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