DALLAS Southwest Airlines has pulled one of its jets out of service after it lost cabin pressure in mid-flight.

Passenger David Wilding provided News 8 with video taken as the Boeing 737 was headed from Kansas City to Dallas Saturday night after its departure had been delayed for more than an hour.

The passenger said the plane went into a sudden, steep dive, and the oxygen masks came down.

Everything is currently fine, as far as I can tell, a member of the cockpit crew announced to passengers. Flight attendants are checking the cabin to make sure everybody's all right.

The video indicates there was no panic in the cabin as passengers wore the masks for about 20 minutes until the jet descended below 10,000 feet.

The plane landed safely at Dallas Love Field. Crew did an amazing job! Wilding wrote.

Southwest confirmed its plane did have a cabin pressure issue. When that happens, it is standard protocol to drop to a lower altitude.

None of the 134 people aboard were injured, and Southwest is inspecting that jet.

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