GALVESTON City workers on Tuesday began the smelly task of removing at least 15,000 fish found dead on Lake Madeline.

The kill, which was first reported Saturday, was likely the result of low levels of dissolved oxygen, officials with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said.

Steven Mitchell, a biologist with the department, said an algae bloom was spotted at the boat ramp and was likely caused from an unknown nutrient present in the water.

Mitchell estimated 15,000 Gulf menhaden died. Other species, including red fish and speckled trout, died in smaller numbers.

I suspect they ll be floating up over the next few days, Mitchell said.

The level of dissolved oxygen measured 1.5 milligrams per liter, Mitchell said.

That s not sufficient to support aquatic life, Mitchell said. Once it gets below 2, they really start stressing there were still live fish struggling, coming to the shallows, trying to get oxygen.

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