TEXAS CITY, Texas The director of the Rising Star Learning Center in Texas City says safety changes have been made since a 3-year-old wandered from herdaycare in October 2010.

Jasper Pugh slipped out during morning playtime, according to his dad, Chad.

It s absolutely scary, Chad Pugh said. Someone could have hit him, someone could have taken him, and no one would have ever known.

The boy went through a hole in the fence and walked into a neighboring apartment complex where he lived with his family, director Tifany Seals said.

Seals said the teachers responsible were terminated. State records confirm the facility took corrective action.

Safety is always our top priority, Seals said.

A manager at the neighboring apartment complex found Jasper unharmed and contacted the family.

This was an unfortunate incident and, thankfully, no one was injured, Director Tifany Seals said.

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