HOUSTON A man drugged his friend while they were out on a date, then took nude photos of herand raped her when she passed out, according to the Harris County Sheriff s Office.

Asif Aejaz, 41, was charged with sexual assault.

Deputies said Aejaz met a female friend for drinks at the Baker Street Pub near Willowbrook Mall on May 15. The woman said the two were not dating, but had gone out onplatonic dates before and she trusted him.

The woman said she had only two beers at the pub, then the two went across to the Fox and Hound bar.

While at that bar, the woman said she began to feel funny and went to the bathroom.

That is the last thing she remembered.

She woke up in pain sometime later and realized she was completely naked and Aejaz was on top of her. She began to struggle with him and the two fell to the floor. She then grabbed her clothes and ran into the bathroom, according to court documents.

While she was getting dressed, she spotted Aejaz s cell phone and hid it in her clothing.

She then demanded he take her home.

After they both walked out, Aejaz realized his phone was missing and went back inside to find it, investigators said. When the phone began to ring, the victim ran off and hid. She then used the phone to call for help.

When officers arrived, they examined the cell phone. They found nude pictures of the woman which appeared to have been taken while she was passed out. The woman told authorities she never consented to take any photos or have sex with the suspect. She told them she feared she had been drugged.

The victim was taken to the hospital and given a rape kit examination.

Aejaz was first arrested and charged for Improper Video or Photography. While in court for this charge, he consented to have a DNA sample at the advice of his attorney, according to court documents.

Test results showed he could not be excluded as a contributor to the DNA that had been analyzed from the rape kit.

Additional charges were filed and his bail was set at $30,000.

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