COPPELL Authoritieswill resumetheir search Tuesdaymorning for Coppell High School football player Jacob Logan, 17, who went missing at Possum Kingdom Lake on Sunday afternoon.

His friends on and off the field are devastated by the loss. They say Jacob was a superb athlete and friend.

He was really not just the best in sports... he was like the best in everything. said friend Josh Self.

Josh, Seth Slover and Preston Ramsey all grew up with Jacob.

Jacob and Preston met in kindergarten. They played soccer as kids, and in the years that followed they spent nearly every day together.

I wish I could say I love him again, one last time, said Preston said.

Preston was at the lake with Jacob and a group of friends on Sunday. Their boating trip ended in tragedy when Jacob jumped into the water from the lakeside cliffs. It was his first attempt.

When he didn't come up, Preston called 911.

PRESTON: He's my best friend.

DISPATCHER: Did he come up? Did you say 'not'?

PRESTON: No, he hasn't come up. Please hurry. Please hurry. Please hurry.

Before the jump, Preston said he told Jacob and another friend to wear life jackets. Jacob went ahead without one. His last words to the friendhe was jumpingwithhas left many with heavy hearts.

He told another friend that if God wants to take him, then God will take him, Preston said.

Friends said Preston aimed to play college footballand then wanted a career on the sidelines.

Hesaid he wanted to be a football coach, because football was his passion... that's what he loved, Josh said.

But they said Jacob also shined off the field.

He had a good heart, even though he wouldn't want to admit it. Seth said. He had a good soul.He cared about his friends and family.

And that's their best memory.

In a video Jacob sentto his friends as a joke,there's a piece of him they will cherish forever. He says in the video: I miss you guys.

And they will miss him, too.

Jacob, a Coppell High School senior, is a defensive back and wide receiver for the 6-0 Coppell Cowboys, one of the top-ranked high school teams in the state. The team plans to honor him at Friday night's game. They will put a decal with Logan's name on their helmets.

An account for the benefit of the Logan family has been set up at Frost Bank at 102 North Denton Tap Road in Coppell. The account number is 952050293.


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