HOUSTON The Federal Trade Commission says it is ready to update federal law to allow kids under 13 years old to sign up for websites like Facebook.

The 1998 Children s Online Privacy Protection Act currently prohibits kids under 13 from setting up online accounts, but this could soon change. Of course, social networks love this. Some parents support it, too, especially since there s speculation Facebook would allow children s accounts to be tied to their parent s accounts so they could be monitored.

The big question now is, should those kids be tracked by online advertisers? Facebook recently filed a 22-page document with the FTC mostly about kids and online advertising.

It s no secret that your computer saves little tracking files that make it possible for web ads to show things that may be of interest to you whether you ve been shopping for a car or looking up Halloween costumes.

Facebook wants the FTC to clarify its advertising regulations, however.

The FTC says tracking files, or cookies, would not be allowed on accounts tied to children under 13 years old, but Facebook still wants to show static ads those that are not based on tracking what your kids do and search for online.

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Facebook s FTC filing:
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