HOUSTON A new estimate shows an overwhelming number of child support owed statewide in Texas. According to the Texas attorney general s office, there is nearly $11 billion of unpaid child support to date.

The attorney general s office says the majority of those who don t pay, have the ability to do so, but choose not to.

On the opposite spectrum, there are a small percentage of men who pay child support for kids that aren t theirs. A family law attorney in Houston estimates that there are more than 120,000 men in this predicament in Texas.

A new state law says men no longer have to make child support payments if they can prove the child is not theirs. However, there appears to be a loophole in that law. It does not erase back child support.

Any income, they just take it. I don t understand why. I got documents saying, I ain t the daddy, zero percent the daddy, explained Ray Thomas, of Houston.

A paternity test came back with a 0 percent probability that Thomas is the father of a girl born in 1986.

Thomas said the results of that test weren t a surprise for him, but he hoped it would clear him of the money he owed the state.

He owes more than $50,000. More than $13,000 of that is in interest.

They (are) just going to give you a kid. You know, that ain t right, Thomas added.

The Texas Attorney General s Office acknowledged that it was aware of Thomas situation.

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