HOUSTON A group hoping to increase voter registration among the younger generation is holding a concert in southeast Houston Tuesday night. Texans Together Education Fund presents the first in a series of non-partisan live music concerts called Hip-Hop The Vote.

Organizers are trying to engage the young adults in the Houston community to become excited about registering to vote and more importantly turning out to vote in November.

The group s focus is on Harris County because in the 2008 presidential election over one million eligible voters did not vote. In this election season, Texans Together s non-partisan campaign Occupy the Vote is aiming to get 10,000 low-propensity voters to turn out and vote in this year s presidential campaign.

Texans Together, along with community partners Mi Familia Vota, will register new voters, collect Commit to Vote pledge cards and attempt to increase awareness about November s elections during the event.

The event is part of National Voter Registration Day.

Chingo Bling, Doughbeezy, The Niceguys, Dat Boi T (aka Screwed Up Essay) and DJ Chill spinning between acts/speakers will be performing.Zin from KPFT s SOS Radio will serve as guest speaker.

Organizers say the artists have committed to doing 100 percent clean shows with no profanity or suggestive behavior.

The concert will be held at the Reggae Bodega/Irie Juicesat 4812 Almeda Drive from 4 to 8 p.m.
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