HOUSTON The woman who said she was raped by a former Houston police officer is back on the stand Thursday. She broke down in tears Wednesdayas she told jurors that Abraham Joseph raped her while she was handcuffed.

Abraham Joseph, 27, was fired from HPD after he was indicted for sexual assault.

The waitress and immigrant from El Salvador said Joseph arrested her and a male companion in January of last year. He dropped off the man by the side of a road and drove her to a dark corner of Townwood Park. She said she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by Joseph.

He grabbed my skirt and put his hands under my dress, the 37-year-old woman testified.

She told jurors that she was terrified.

I thought I would never see my children again, that they wouldn t know what happened to me, she said. I thought he was going to kill me. He looked angry. The more you would beg him the more he would hurt me.

Earlier during the woman s testimony, Judge Denise Collins had to temporarily halt the proceedings so the woman could compose herself.

She sobbed as she turned toward ex-officer Abraham Joseph and said and that s when he started touching my breasts, do you remember? Do you remember when you did that to me, she said pointing toward Abraham Joseph. He ruined my life, she said as she collapsed sobbing.

Prosecutors say Joseph used his position as a police officer to target the victim because she spoke little English and was afraid her immigration status would be threatened if she reported the assault.

But she did call police. She led officers back to the park several hours later where prosecutors say physical evidence of the assault was recovered.

Defense attorneys say Joseph is guilty of bad judgment, but that whatever happened in that park back in 2011 was consensual.

If convicted, Joseph could get up to life in prison.

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