LAPLACE, Louisiana Hurricane Isaac has left thousands of people in Louisiana with nothing to their name but stories of heartache and hardship.

The National Guard has evacuated more than 3,200 people from LaPlace, which was hit hard by wind damage and relentless floodwaters.

And the water came up to the first floor so we had to move to the second floor, said Christopher Ranson.

The evacuees were loaded on buses with only the belongings they could carry and driven to shelters in cities like Shreveport and Alexandria.

I can t stay back here. I m seven months pregnant and it s scaring me and I couldn t get out, said Latasha Goodson.

Some said they won t be back to LaPlace after surviving two terrifying hurricanes in seven years.

A tearful Sandy Jones said she and her husband weren t allowed to bring their dogs and cat. It broke her heart to leave them behind.

Jones said they won t be back either.

We re not coming back. I can t take no more hurricanes. I can t, she said.

Steven Turner, his son Conner and their dog Tiger were exhausted by the time they got ready to board a bus.

Been there eight years. Been through Katrina, Rita, Gustav. Never happened  before, Turner said.

By Thursday afternoon, power trucks were rolling into LaPlace. They hope to have power restored within the week for the residents who do return.

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