HOUSTON Two suspects made a huge mess by spraying graffiti all over a north Houston discount store and customers don t appreciate what it s done to the neighborhood.

The Dollar Store Plus on Cavalcade is covered in graffiti including odd statements like 1984 is here, Wake up and Zomb!

It says zombie or something. It doesn t make any sense. No, it doesn t make any sense. Why they do that? asked store customer Ida Freeman.

Investigators obtained grainy surveillance video that shows shadows running across the store roof. Moments later, police arrive on the scene.

Using a ladder from the fire department, officers managed to get one suspect down. As another officer made her way up, the other suspect somehow got to the ground and took off.

That suspect later turned himself in.

A third male was also arrested, found in a waiting vehicle.

Police say it s anybody s guess what all the text means, but they don t believe it s gang-related.

Why would you destroy our neighborhood? We have a bad name for crime, now look what you put up there. It doesn t make sense, said customer Betty Ardion.

Employees are angry at these taggers for adding blight to businesses that are already struggling.

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