HOUSTON Some citizens are paying close attention to an internal review at the Houston Police Department where four officers are accused of writing tickets in a way that earned them more money in overtime.

Jodie Haney said she is still upset over two recent speeding tickets. They were issued by the same police officer and cost her $500. That officer and three others are at the center of an internal review.

Like many people, Haney wants to know what that could mean for those with outstanding tickets.

According to the Houston Police Department and its union, they are still valid.

But attorneys say there may be at least one circumstance that could get them tossed out.

Houston defense attorney Scott Markowitz said the situation could change if the officers were terminated and the drivers showed up for court.

It would probably be imperative upon the prosecutor at that point to dismiss it on insufficient evidence, if they don t have a witness to testify, he said.

He said the fact that officers are under review is simply not enough reason to dismiss their tickets.

No one should feel that they are entitled to a dismissal simply because an officer, or some officers, that were involved with their case are under scrutiny, he said.

In the meantime, some drivers with tickets will be watching closely.

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