AUSTIN Joel Bush and Jen Orr met the photographer who captured their proposal Wednesday night with a photo that has gone viral on the Internet.

Patrick Lu happened to be riding by the State Capitol on his bicycle when he noticed Bush was about to pop the question. An avid photographer, he quickly snapped a photo that would quickly become one of the most widely viewed images on the Reddit and Mashable websites.

I wish I got closer, but it might have ruined the moment, said Lu. I really like sharing my photos with a lot of people.

Bush and Orr thought they were alone that night. Later, friends told them that their proposal was being viewed by tens of thousands of people.

Someone captured that moment; it's pretty amazing, Orr said. We are just so grateful those few seconds in time were captured when we thought we were totally alone.

Bush said he made up an excuse the night of his proposal to hide his true intentions and asked Orr to pick up him up. When she arrived, they went on a walk, and that's when he proposed.

The couple met up with Lu at Mozart's Coffee Roasters on Lake Austin Saturday morning. Lu snapped a few more photos of Bush and Orr. He shoots roughly 300 photos every day.

Bush and Orr haven't decided on a wedding date yet, but they plan on getting married soon. This week, they are headed to France for vacation.

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