HOUSTON The alleged mistress accused of putting three hits on Bellaire socialite Yvonne Stern s life is set to plead guilty Friday morning, sources say.

Attorneys for Yvonne Stern said she received a voicemail from prosecutors earlier Thursday telling her that Michelle Gaiser was set to plead guilty Friday morning at 9.

Gaiser is charged with solicitation of capital murder and, up until this week, was set to testify Jeffrey Stern in exchange for a 25-year sentence. It s a crime that carries a maximum punishment of life in prison.

If you ve been following this case for the last couple of years you know that there were three attempts on Yvonne Stern s life. During one of the attempts she was shot in the stomach.

Her husband was charged with solicitation of capital murder he was accused of conspiring with Gaiser, but earlier this week the district attorney s office dropped those charges against him.

Attorneys for Yvonne Stern are up in arms because they say they ve been told by prosecutors that in exchange for Gaiser s guilty plea she will receive a sentence nowhere close to the maximum.

In a written statement Stern s attorney said she feels victimized by the district attorney s office and she will be in court Friday morning to give a victim s impact statement.

In court, Mrs. Stern will address thecontinued pain and sufferingthat this cold-bloodedcriminal has suffered upon her and her family, her attorney Chip Lewis wrote.

KHOU 11 News tried to get in touch with prosecutors Thursday night but we were unable to do so.

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