HOUSTON Jeremy Lin is back in Houston. But to the city s Asian community, he needs no introduction.

At Houston s Chinese Community Center Thursday, fans could hardly contain themselves.

Everybody s going crazy. People will go to the game, the Rockets games, Lin fan Phillip Luk said.

We re really excited for what he can do for the Asian community, Kelley Lou said.

Lin made international headlines in New York last season, when the undrafted player from Harvard became an overnight star.

My 84-year-old grandma, she reads the Chinese newspaper and she knows who Jeremy Lin is. She doesn t know who anyone else on the Rockets is, probably. But she knows who Jeremy Lin is, Lou said.

For kids, Lin is more than just a player.

My son is a swimmer, and my daughter is a basketball player, and they always think that they are Asian, that they cannot compete with the tall Americans. But now, this shows that they can, Lin fan Kimmi Yu said.

To see someone who is hard-working, who has family values, is faith-based he is a great role model for us, Lou said of Lin.

Without taking a single shot on the court, Lin is already a hero in Houston. So much so, that some are already predicting big things for their favorite team.

Rockets are going to win the next NBA Championship! Luk said.

A championship would be nice, sure. But for now, the Chinese Community Center will settle for a visit from their favorite Rocket. They re hoping Lin will be as involved in Houston s Asian community as Yao Ming was.

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