A deck collapse in northwest Austin.

It happened at a pool party for one group on Doe Valley Lane around 7:30 P.M. Saturday night.
Twenty people were on the deck at the time when it suddenly collapsed.
People dropped 15 feet.
What's worse, Austin Fire Department tell us some individuals continue to fall getting tangled and trapped within the wreckage

Six people were taken to three different area hospitals. Four sustained moderate to severe injuries. Austin Fire and E.M.S. were on scene. It took them about an hour to get everyone to safety.

So we had people that were trapped in and among about a 500 yard area that were trapped in and among the wooden deck, Fire Public Information Officer Palmer Buck said. Fire fighter and ems did a great job getting the people sorted out and getting them out of the collapsed area.

City code compliance will conduct and investigation as to what caused the deck to fall. Austin fire tells us deck collapses are not uncommon. They have seen about four in the past five years or so.

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