HOUSTON It was a terrifying morning for aHouston mother whose SUV was stolen with her little boy inside.

It all happened in the blink of an eye.

Alicia Hernandezwas dropping her baby girl and 3-year-old sonoff at their grandmother'satthe Windshire apartments at 4415 South Shaver.

Hernandezparked her Pathfinder right outside the grandmother's door and took the baby inside..

She parked the car right there, right there in the front, said Patricia Martinez, the grandmother. Left the car on, left the doors opened and this door was open. I was sitting right there.

The motherthoughtlittle Ethanwas following her but he was still in the car, according to Martinez.

Baby was squat down, trying to get his toys, Martinez said.

Before the little boy could getout of theback seat,the thief jumped in andsped away.

A few minutes later, thesuspect dropped the Ethan off near the complex leasing office.

The child was not harmed. Hernandez was checked out and she's OK, too.

HerPathfinder was found at a nearby complex.

Things don t happen that often here, Martinez said. This is scary. It s really scary.

Police are still looking for the suspect, who got away with Hernandez's cell phone and credit cards. He was last seen running down South Shaver on foot.

Hernandez will not face charges for leaving her son in the car.

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