HOUSTON -- With last year's drought, most people in Texas are happy when it rains. But homeowners in one Memorial-area neighborhood are dreading the next round of wet weather. In fact, they're not sure their homes will survive it.

People are desperate because they are about ready to lose their homes, said Memorial Woods Townhomes homeowner Richard Klein. The last rain we had has just taken away all the banks that protected our homes, and if this continues with one more rain, we ll have four of five of our beautiful homes in the bayou.

Klein lives in a gated community in the 10000 block of Memorial Dr. near Antoine.

The neighborhood backs up to the Spring Creek which feeds into Buffalo Bayou.

Over the last year, the banks have been eroding. That s despite a Tri-lock system that the neighborhood and the Harris County Flood Control District paid for and put in 15 years ago.

The 65-pound cement blocks are being tossed around like pebbles, trees are falling into the water, and backyards are crumbling into pieces.

Five homes are in trouble and more are at risk.

Who would like to live in a house up there and look outside your window after a rain and find out that your home is about ready to fall off the bank, said Klein.

Some neighbors have lived there for decades and have never had a problem before new construction in the area.

This is above the 100-year flood plain so no one was aware that there were going to be floods above the 100 year and there weren t up until they put in the Chimney Rock Bridge and the Memorial Bridge in, said Klein.

Klein and the president of the neighborhood s civic association are trying to get the Harris County Flood Control District to come up with a plan and fast.

I am very worried for my neighbors, especially those who are very much affected, said Moe Naraghi. I really don t know what will happen with this water. I don t know what it s going to do.

According to a spokesperson with the Harris County Flood Control District, they are aware of the problem. They are in the process of trying to come up with a plan, but there is no timeline set for a long term or quick fix.

Homeowners said there is no time to waste.

In three years we won t have homes on this side of the bayou, said Klein.

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