HOUSTON The City of Houston on Saturday helped two families whose houses were an absolute mess due to an error by a public works employee.

Toilets, bathtubs and sinks at the two southeast Houston houses became fecal fountains Thursday afternoon when a City of Houston Public Works employee tried to clear a clogged sewer line and sent the sewage, at high pressure, in entirely the wrong direction.

Alfredo Nuno s home at Greendowns Street and the Gulf Freeway was the hardest hit. The sewage exploded through his toilet and bathtub, showering the bathroom with fecal matter and spreading sewer water of various consistencies down the hallway, into his bedroom, and through the bathroom wall, flooding his kitchen.

A spokesperson for the City of Houston Public Works confirmed Thursday that a city employee was cleaning a sewer line behind a home on Greendowns Street three houses away from Nuno s home. Alvin Wright with the Public Works Department believes the worker was trying to clear grease that often clogs sewer drains. But he says the high pressure water the worker was using may have cleared the clog so quickly that the high pressure in shot the wrong direction before he could turn it off.

On Saturday, the city paid for workers to go out to the home and start repairs. They worked for more than 16 hours and now the walls are partially gutted and the floors look cleaner. While there s still a lot of work to be done, Alfredo Nuno s wife said she was appreciative the city stepped up to help.

I m happy with the people that are doing this job, I m happy with the people that allowed them to do this job and like I said, I m happy with Channel 11 for doing the report and helping us, said homeowner Marie Nuno.

Behind Nuno s home, a neighbor s house on Southern Street received the same treatment. Ana Zamorano stood outside her rental home on Thursday, refusing to go back inside because of the stench.

The Nuno family said they hope to have everything back to normal by the end of the month.

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