HOUSTON KHOU 11 News got a sad update Tuesday on Bill, the unofficial mascot for the Marines of the Lone Star Battalion, who recently returned from Afghanistan.

The Marines adopted Bill when he was a puppy in Afghanistan and planned to raise enough money to fly the dog back to the United States this month.

But Sgt. Jon Staffen said the young dog died of parvo at a shelter in Afghanistan before they could secure his flight to Houston.

Staffen said Bill died on November 13 in Kabul.

He said he is devastated by the sudden loss, but the donations he received to bring Bill home will still be put to good use.

The money had already been transferred to the non-profit shelter caring for the dog.  So the Marines are arranging to adopt another animal from the shelter and rescue him from Afghanistan.

They hope, this time, the transfer will be completed in just a few weeks.

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