HOUSTON One Occupy Houston demonstrator was arrested after police moved in Tuesday to tell the group to take down their tarps.

It happened downtown on the west end of Tranquility Park along Bagby Street, across the street from the Hobby Center. That is where the Occupy Houston group was spending its fifth weeksince their protest beganin October.

As heavy rain showers moved across the area, the group members used tarps to protect their belongings, but police said it wasn t safe. Fire inspectors found electrical cords underwater and exposed live wires.

For the most part, the inspectors and demonstrators worked together to fix the problems, but police did arrest one protester.

On November 9, a half-dozen protesters were arrested when they refused to take down a tarp they were using as a tent to protect themselves from the elements.

HPD and the protesters agreed they could stay as long as no tent-like structures were erected.

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