HOUSTON It was a run that could have ended her life, but a University of Houston student survived and lived to tell the tale thanks to the men she calls her guardian angels.

Luckily, I have heroes that were here to save me, said 22-year-old Katy Dunbar.

On the morning of February 24, Dunbar was running with two friends and her personal trainer at Memorial Park.

They had separated, and Dunbar opted to run on the trail to the south of Memorial Drive.

We jog a couple of times a week, she said.

The High School of Performing and Visual Arts graduate has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which affects the muscle of the heart, but she had never had serious complications until that day in February, when she fell to the ground and went into cardiac arrest.

What happened next, Dunbar says, she doesn t recall.

She has no memory of how she ended up in the hospital.

It would take two men her guardian angels to fill her in. Men she just recently met for the first time.

She was blue from head to toe, said Chris Lawson, who was driving on Memorial on his way to work that morning. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what appeared to be a person, a lady on her back.

Lawson stopped, pulled over and then helped save her life.

I knew something needed to happen. It was a person in distress and I needed to turn around and do what I can to help, said Lawson.

Another man was already calling 911. As the 911 operator guided the caller through the CPR process, the caller relayed that information to Lawson, who started compressions on Dunbar.

Katy had two or three gasps of air, so I knew something was going on. That s about the time a guy on a bike rolled up on us and I asked the person if he knew CPR and before he could even answer me, he was already taking off his helmet, said Lawson.

Lawson is referring to Russell Sparks, a biker who was training for the MS 150, and who happens to be a former paramedic.

I think God had a huge role in this. I wasn t going to go to the park and my wife was like, Go to the park and ride you ve got a big ride coming up, said Sparks.

Sparks took over, and Lawson and Sparks stayed with Dunbar until paramedics arrived and rushed her to the hospital.

The college student spent a week there. She now has a defibrillator and hasn t had any other serious problems.

She is back to running, but she has yet to return to Memorial Park.

I do plan to go back, but not anytime soon, said Dunbar. I thank God every day, and me and my parents just are so thankful.

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