FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas The explosion of the feral hog population in Texas has become a major concern for a Fort Bend County neighborhood.

Brandi Gibson, a 10-year resident of Cinco Ranch who lives adjacent to George Bush Park and Barker Reservoir, said the hogs have started to venture into the neighborhood more than ever before.

They ve torn up the cul-de-sac and they ve actually gone down both sides of the street, she said.

Gibson said she had lost count of how many times the hogs had ruined her yard.

The danger just gets greater, she said.

Home video of feral hogs shot by a Cinco Ranch resident showed more than 20 hogs leaving the park and reservoir and crossing into Cinco Ranch.

Barry Eversole, a game warden with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, said the worst drought in generations has contributed to the problem.

It s [a] big [problem] because we re getting more people in this state moving closer to their habitats, he said. You have a lot of yards that s got sprinkler systems and stuff like that so it just draws them into it. It s a water source, he said.

More than 2 million feral hogs are believed to live in Texas more than half of the feral hog population in the United States.

Short of hunting, Eversole said there is little anyone can do to control the state s feral hog population.

Gibson said she asked her homeowners association to install a fence to separate the neighborhood from the feral hogs, but her request was denied.

We don t even bother to fix our yard anymore because they just come back and mess it up, she said.

Last year, feral hogs were blamed for nearly $52 million in damage in Texas.

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