HOUSTON A new technique for weight loss has some Houstonians freezing their fat to take off the pounds.

Tara Muller is one of the people trying the new method. A mother of two, she had one goal in mind for her body.

I d like to get it back to pre-baby, she said.

To get rid of what she considers a stubborn spot, Muller decided to try something new.

She had her fat frozen. The procedure involves a vacuum that s put on her stomach resembling two oversized ice cubes that suck the fat into the middle.

The vacuum is pulling the skin between the two cooling plates, said Dr. Paul Friedman with the Dermatology and Laser Surgery Center.

Unlike other fat removal procedures, there s neither surgery or down time involved.

We re actually freezing the fat during the procedure, killing the fat cells and the cells contents are gradually eliminated through the blood, said Friedman.

After the procedure it complete it takes about two months before results are noticeable.

This is not for weight loss. This is for people who probably are already at their ideal body weight and just have some stubborn areas, said Friedman.

According to Friedman, people lose about 22 percent of their fat each treatment.

The new treatment doesn t come cheap, though. One visit costs a hefty $750.

There are a couple side effects involved as well.

Some temporary redness and swelling after the procedure, said Friedman.

An hour after the vacuum is put on, the device comes off.

The area will be firm and stiff, similar as if you put butter in the refrigerator, said Freidman.

Fortunately, like peanut butter, Friedman says the stick of fat cells will also melt away.

It was pretty easy, pretty painless, said Muller.

And that s exactly what she was hoping for.

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