HOUSTON A tow company may pay a big price after workers apparently towed several carsillegallyfrom a Montrose-area parking lot.

The incident happened Saturday afternoon in the 1620 block of Westheimer near Montrose.

I looked all down that way to make sure that I could park here. And I said, well there is no sign here, so it doesn t look like it will be an issue. I looked around for about 20 minutes and my car was gone, said Dayra Gonzalez.

She was far from alone.

Amanda Roush got towed, too.

We were not even out an hour and came back and our car was gone, said Roush.

In all, more than a half dozen vehicles were towed from the lot.

But there is a problem: many of the parking spaces had no signs indicating a no-parking zone. There were also no signs at the entrance of the parking lot.

But that didn t prevent a female employee of the towing company to call in the wreckers.

If you get your car towed, take it up with that wrecker company, take it up with that storage lot, she said. Don t take it up with me. I am just here doing my job.

Police were called to the scene and told the company to stop towing due to a city ordinance and state law that requires standardized signs be posted.

Section 2308 of the Texas Occupational Code sayssigns must be on every entrance to the parking area.

...Facing and conspicuously visible to the driver of a vehicle that enters the facility; no lower than five feet and no higher than eight feet above ground level, the law reads.

Rose Pena said she came to assist when her 17-year-old daughter s car was towed.

If they had done something wrong, I would be scolding them right now, said Pena. But they did nothing wrong. There is not a sign where she parked, there is not a sign to the side.

The tow company, Fast Tow, and its representative would not say why they were towing cars in apparent violation of state law.

The company is operated by Janette Rush, who often serves as a local spokesperson for the towing industry. She did not return any calls made by 11 News.

Orlando Trevino also got a call from his daughter to get her car out for $193.

I m gonna get my money back, one way or another, he said. I just have to find out who I need to contact.

Amanda Roush considers the experience a lesson learned.

Definitely don t park. Get a bike, she said.

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